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PLC/HMI Programming

ACED supports Rockwell/AB, Schneider / Modicon, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Omron PLCs and their complimentary touch screens.

Previous Project Experience:

Timber Industry: Programmed timber grading machines to test the structural density of wood. This required managing the position of wood on a conveyor line and sending it to the correct position based on quality. Involved multiple conveyors, elevators, VSDs and drop out gates using AB PLC. Designed new control system to be retro fitted to Gold Pine 1/4 station using a Premium PLC and touch screen, the system incorporates, measuring, grading, stress testing, planning and post positioning for cutting, Kiln Control systems. Vision Systems.

Dairy Industry: Programmed periodic powder sampling routine for quality testing. Automatic plant CIP cleaning procedure. Automatic caustic dosing system using Schneider Momentum PLCs. Integrated a Fat Controller on a Cream/Skim Separator to maximize yield and control cream flow. Implemented a cascade PID control system for Cream and Milk Pasteurization using Modicon Quantum PLC. Managed Intouch SCADA for pasteuriser control.

Marine Industry: Programmed Twido PLC and Magelis touch screens to control aeration to mussel beds ustilising 4 ABB vsd's connected via Modbus.

Food Processing Industry: Modified bottling  machines, processing machines, designed freeze drier control system.

Winery: Managed the electrical construction of the Delegates wine estate in Blenheim, system was controlled using a ABB plc.

Water: Programmed monitoring and data logging for irrigation system.

Waste Water: Programmed Algorithms and control for Aeration Basins, DAF's, ATAD digesters, alarm monitoring, setup and installation, pumping stations, involving hundreds of motors, valves, temperature probes, level transducers, flow meters, DO meters and ORP meters. Programmed Intouch HMI software.

Power Stations: Modified small Hydro Power Station control strategy to improve performance.

Petrochemical Industry: Modified product transfer control for storage silos, installed safety control system for bitumen storage tanks, Bio fuel Pilot plant.

Refrigeration: Upgraded Alliance refrigeration plant, Multiple compressor control systems all through the world.


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