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Cable Selection Guide  Use this manual to find out what cables and software you need when connecting to Mitsi hardware.

SCO6 These are hard to find the easiest make shift is to find a FX MAC 10 Programming cable with a built in 232-422 Converter then make the adaptor shown in the link. It requires a 5VDC supply, the screen does not work at less than 5VDC.



E200 Screens(MAC40) Use the same cable as a Panel View1200 with a gender changer see the Rockwell Links DTAM plus cable pin outs for a cable. To enter programming mode hold menu and info key. (The blank key to the bottom left of the directional) Use MAC Programmer software.

E1070 Screens

E1071 Screens

E1100 Screens

E1101 Screens

E1151 Screens









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